Alphas Volume 1 - A Superhero Miniatures Game

Created by Kid Loves Tiger Games

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

December Update!
25 days ago – Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 08:03:56 PM

There will be no list this month, no breakdowns of the scenarios, just a heartfelt thank you. As it will be 2021 soon, we have remained committed to updating you every month. Even though this month we took some time with our families, we were still improving. We will have more to show in January, but for now, we just wanted to express thank you.

2020 threw us for a loop and your kindness, patience and empathy went a long way to keeping us working, motivated and energized. Thank you all so much for keeping us going and we look forward to engaging in 2021 as you all have been the very best. 

November Update
about 2 months ago – Wed, Dec 02, 2020 at 02:04:50 PM

For the sake of Continuity, let us begin with the list!

  • Terrain Implementation: Huzzah we are nearly there! As discussed last week, we have been finding out how to implement the OLD Environmental effects into the new system. Over the last month, we have added a cost to using the Sewer System in the new System, as simply moving through them for free was way too powerful. Dumpsters have now, the ability to give special cover as well to size 2 or less Alphas, as just being a boost was too weak and forced players to put them near buildings during setup. Now they have 1 use no matter what (Except for larger models who let's face it, take up more space and are cool on their own without a dumpster assist).
  •  Balancing Volume 1: Okay, so balancing here continues (tweaks here and there before we lock in the new Graphic Design). We wanted to share with you though how this is shaping up even for the 1st Arc scenario. Understand that all of this was rough and just for testing.

So we have been having David and company test this, where the Villains include both Villain Henchmen Types in Volume 1 and a much more powerful Arc than the Skirmish version of here (seen below). On top of that, to the left you can see the Energy Cap for villains is higher, but split amongst all their people. You can see near the Arc Illustration, 4 Powerups. Each time a Player uses a Power Card (one off special cards of insane power), Arc gets a boost. Could be better statistics or it could be new powers!

On top of that, the track on the right shows Arc's progress in charging up to do something villainous (and spoiler related). But as she powers up with these harmonic devices, bad things happen to our heroes. Yes, we know of said spelling errors, these are being proofed now to drop on the final design. This was just a preview of what David was testing with.

  • Rules: Nearing the finish line! These will likely post when we can do a full walk through and play, that way with context, you all can look them over and assure us and yourselves that this rulebook will get you and us where we need to go :D 
  • Setup Rules: Same as the above. You will be seeing the final version of these, both for Scenarios as well as Skirmishes, when we do our play through. 

Everything said at the end of the previous update stands timeline wise and we continue to work towards that. We thank you all for your patience and hope you are safe and able to have some sort of happy holiday season! :D 

October Update
3 months ago – Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 11:54:41 PM

As we have been doing, let's run through the list!

  • Terrain Implementation: As we worked to balance these, many of them have remained the same. All-Star Backer Lee will note, the Sewers remain equally important! Aside from that, Vending Machines give Passive Energy Boosts, The Dumpster had to be altered a little, as no cards are drawn. Instead it is now gives characters a boost when changing elevation. Think of it like Legend running, jumping onto a dumpster and using it as a boost to elevate onto a store.
  • Balancing Volume 1: We are still working on framing the graphic design, and we are working to fine tune each scenario, but one really great one to highlight that testers have really loved is the climax. When the 3 Villains are powered, united, at the start of our story, battling a newly formed Phalanx team. The minute you get one on the chin, all of the other villains gain a new power or a stat boost. It's a great feeling to have people lauding its "fun", even if more fine tuning and tweaking is required.
  • Rules: These are under some review before we post. But, the odd thing is, the game has benefitted as Ben said, from being simplified. And while it didn't lose any depth, it has gotten easier to teach, and that is demonstrated in the rules. 
  • Setup Rules: These are being blind tested and have had some great success.

We are moving forward with some steam now! Now let's get to the meat and potatoes of what's left. 

One thing we know. We will not meet our internal goal of wrapping things up and getting this manufactured before the Chinese New Year. With the holidays, day jobs and what remains, it simply isn't possible and we want to be open about that. 

Here is what we can say on our timeline. Throughout the remainder of the year, our goal is to wrap up our development on the new ruleset. We also want a pass over from you all on the rules and a developer play through. This is made a little harder as Chris's kids are in distance learning where they live, so recording during the week is harder.  Once the testing is done though, we should be able to rough out a timetable from the manufacturer. With that in mind, we will be looking at lining up the final timeline. As with everything, our mistakes and successes, we will be happy to share all of this as we work through it. 

September Update
4 months ago – Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 02:18:41 PM

Let's start the week with the list from last month's update.

  • Terrain Implementation. If you remember the old work sheet (see below this), each one had a special function. We desired to do the same thing here. The question has been about balance in the new system. How much Energy should an action cost (if any)? That has been the tweaking and balancing of these actions. The other balance was that some needed to be "free" actions and some didn't, because their effects were too major/minor. 
  • Balancing Volume 1. Not as much to report here. We have been testing 1 time per week on average for the last 4 weeks. We would be doing it more but it's our German Friends who have the means to do this and their gathering ability is currently hindered so it's slower than we would hope. Tweaks have been made and nothing is busted, so that's a huge step in the right direction. As we make tweaks to the value balancing though we are approaching the final graphic design. So next month we should be able to preview the file here for a new Scenario Sheet as opposed to what Chris and Ben were showing you on camera. 
  • Rules. Outside of the Environmental Objects and setup, the rules reworking has gone very smoothly. Those are being edited right now for wording changes. A Preview of the new rulebook will be incoming and we would invite any and all suggestions when it is! 
  • Setup Rules. These are done. As above, the work the guys did really cleaned this whole step up. Their ruleset now has a defined way to prevent advantages but give players enough freedom to feel part of the creation. 
  • Graphic Design. We can safely say the new Card Design is done, and minor tweaks are being made to the scenarios and books!
  • Balance Tweaks. These are continuing and will until the end or until everything feels good. We don't think things need to be balanced to death, as well like each character in a vacuum feeling overpowered. 

We haven't been able to have a large play session of the Story Scenario, but we are looking at having Chris and Ben put together a head to head match up this month showing the new rules. As always, if you for whatever reason are not receiving the updates through Kickstarter or, late backers are not getting them through Backerkit, just remember to check up at the end of each month for the Update! Without fail, we have not missed a month, so if you remember to check in at the end of the month, we will be here. If we get a head to head for next update, sound off with which characters you would be most excited to see! 

August Update
5 months ago – Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 10:05:22 AM

I want to start the August Update with a breakdown from the development team of what needs work still. Now, some of the items will be much easier to check off the list than others. And some will require more proofing and editing than others. 

So here is an overview of what is being worked on in some way shape or form, and needs to be finished next.

  • Implementing the Terrain to the new system. The team has been using some bare bones terrain features as they refined the new system. The next part of refinement will be geared to implementing the old Terrain and Object rules in unique and interesting ways that are similar and familiar to the previous one. 
  • Balancing Volume 1. Currently, Blind Testing of our changes to the Volume 1 Story Scenarios highlighted in the previous update are underway. We can say, that, after the initial plays, the same things that caused us to re-evaluated the the game Scenarios no longer are a problem. Also if you watched the development video, you saw that we print new versions of Thugs and Villains on the Scenarios because we want them to feel dynamic and different for the scenarios than they do in the skirmish modes.
  • Rules. These are being re-written from the ground up at this moment. This has involved a lot of back and forth for clarifications but is progressing. Before the final rules are printed, we will be publishing them in an update, allowing everyone to get a crack at any potential mistakes, as well as questions that may come up when reading them without having played. 
  • Setup Changes and Rules. One major thing they are still cleaning up is the setup rules. With a 3D city, a focus to setup has been making it thematic and fair. As one player may set things up for your team (with fewer travel powers) to be hindering. Also because of the thematic spacing, setup for objects in those spaces needs to be very specific.
  • Cleaning up the Graphic Design. The Energy Tracker for each Player, the Alpha Tokens to go there and the Scenario Cards and Books are all being cleaned up. What was shown in the video last month was rough and used for development and testing and by all means NOT final.
  • Balance Tweaks to Alphas and Power Cards. As mentioned in the videos, these values are being tweaked +1/-1 here and there. Nothing major to overhaul, just minor tweaks in blind testing. 

There are some minor things here and there, but this is the bulk of work the team is tackling. With Minnesota's COVID cases, we are monitoring when the team may be able to have said play for you all, as well as the final testing they want to do here on scenarios. 

Thanks for taking time to catch up with us and stay tuned for the next update. Remember, we update every month!